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Office Environments International has earned a solid reputation for crafting innovative solutions to the varied work environment needs of today’s client. This reputation goes beyond our exceptional customer service and active management oversight. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff combined with our access to over 100 leading manufacturers makes OEII the right choice for your next project.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide turnkey interiors solutions to the A&D community, General Contractors, Corporations, and the Federal Government by employing our unsurpassed experience and creativity with each project.
It’s about doing the right thing.


Our manufacturing partners are making great strides in minimizing the environmental impact they make in producing and shipping the office furniture we all use today. But the efforts should not stop there. At OEII we recognize the dealer has a role and responsibility to ensure sustainable efforts are carried through. That’s why OEII works closely with our installation support teams to both minimize waste and maximize recycling efforts at the local level. Careful considerations are taken when coordinating logistical support for projects so as to minimize truck travel, thus lessoning the overall carbon footprint.
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“We provide our customers with the level of service we expect from our partners. We believe in treating others as we would want to be treated. That has been our philosophy for running our business from the very beginning.”
– Bill Malone, Principal

Project management approach

Our Process

To manage a project of this scope, a team of expert resources is mandatory. Our comprehensive team has years of experience helping companies create their ideal environments that achieve design, installation and operational efficiency. Our knowledge and understanding of contract furniture will help you meet your project
goals on-time and within budget.


The initiating process begins with the receipt of the RFP, which allows us to anticipate all the elements necessary for managing an account of this size and complexity.


Planning starts as soon as a project is awarded. The project manager will hold a kick-off meeting, assigning all project members specific responsibilities and deadlines.


Once a purchase order is obtained, we begin executing. We manufacture, ship, and—with our dealer/partners—install all furniture; the project manager evaluates order phasing and manages lead times throughout the process.

Monitoring & Controlling

We track, review, and adjust the progress and performance of the project as necessary to ensure we stay on-time and on-budget.

Closing Out

The project manager schedules a formal close-out meeting with the KBR team to ensure all project activities and contract obligations have been completed at the team’s full satisfaction.

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