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Contract Consulting Services

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As a manufacturers’ Contract Consultant, provides many services needed to maintain a viable GSA contract (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules), including:

  • On-going administrative management of your GSA contract, to include the preparation, submission, and negotiate of contract modifications, as needed.
  • Periodic reviews with your company personnel of the contractual obligations of holding a GSA contract. Attention is given to administrative requirements such as:
    • maintenance of an effective order tracking system;
    • quarterly reporting of GSA sales;
    • collecting, reporting and submitting the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF);
    • price reduction considerations;
    • economic price adjustments.
  • Advice and assistance in the event of a government audit, examination, or review of your GSA contract.
  • Preparation and submission of additional contract(s) in the event you wish to offer other services or products that do not fit under your existing GSA contract.

OEII also offers:

  • Training to your company sales and marketing personnel regarding the effective use of your GSA contract.
  • Advice on federal procurement issues and the use of your GSA contract.
  • Guidance in monitoring federal government policies and regulations, including Federal Supply Schedule issues that have the potential to affect your government business.
  • Advice and assistance in leveraging your GSA contract to secure business in the state and local government markets.

Look to OEII for help:

  • To obtain a GSA contract.
  • On creating a successful marketing strategy to attract government customers.
  • To maximize your potential as a GSA contractor.

For more information contact:

Dale Buch